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Batch Operation in Power Automate

By Nagaraja Emmadisetty posted May 04, 2020 06:44 AM


If we want to perform multiple actions Common Data Service at once , like creating/ updating 100 different records, Flow will make many different calls to CDS.

Although it works fine, but it takes lot of time and keeping limitations on number of requests , this might not be a good approach.

But, no worries , Microsoft is going to solve this by introducing “Batch” concept in flow.

We can add a Batch scope to your flows that will group all these different operations into a single call to Common Data Service to dramatically improve performance.

Batch scope in Power Automate

To use this, search for Batch under the Common Data Service connector. Once you add this scope into the Power Automate designer, you can then add any Common Data Service action inside of it.


We cannot include actions for other services inside of a Batch scope. We will need to perform those other actions before or after the batch.