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User Group Leader Journey - Q&A with Daniel Laskewitz, Dutch PowerApps and Flow User Group

By Sue Whitney posted Nov 20, 2018 12:12 PM


Journey from “User” to “User Group Leader”

This is a Q&A with Daniel Laskewitz, Dutch PowerApps and Flow User Group Leader

Why did you initially submit an application to start a PowerApps User Group in the Netherlands?

(DL): The Power Platform is a really powerful platform. It makes it possible for non-IT users to create IT-solutions. Lots of user groups are focusing on the IT-space instead of the power users. We wanted to also get the power users involved, so that and the fact that it’s really cool technology made us start the user group.

How has the experience of being a user group leader been – what do you enjoy most about it?

(DL): I really like to connect people and enthuse people. The first meeting already got close to 60 visitors, so we’re off to a good start.

What are most looking forward to with the Dutch PowerApps and Flow user group in 2019?

(DL): I look forward to have some great meetings. We have Serge Luca (one of the Flow MVPs) presenting at our third user group meeting in January and Jon Levesque (of the Flow team) presenting at the fourth user group meeting in April. These meetings are at IT Consulting companies – and that’s great – but I would love to have a meeting at a company that actually chose to be involved with the Power Platform from who you won’t expect it.

There are two other leaders of the Dutch PowerApps and Flow User Group, how do the three of you work together to bring about great meetings?

(DL): The organization of the user group meetings really are a breeze. Stefan and Martijn are very experienced with organizing user group meetings and I have organized my fair share of events, so we all bring our networks together to get the best speakers, sponsors & members.

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