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  • take time out of the equation and format the date time to date only, and try filtering that way. I think your problem is your filter expression has the same value. So it is impossible to satisfy the query.   Created ge 12:00am and Created lt 12:00 ...

  • It'd be great if you posted your solution. ------------------------------ Stephens Bedford BIM/VDC/TECH Manager Fort Worth ------------------------------

  • Hello, I have a request to get all the items submitted today and send an email at the end of the day with the items displayed in a table. The issue I'm running into is that when I run the Flow at 11:55pm each night, my Get Items action doesn't capture ...

  • Hey @Sam Duval . The user had "Send as" access to the mailbox. Help desk asked him to request full mailbox access in order to be able to view the mailbox. After that ti cket was completed, we were able to change the Outlook connection to the other user's ...

  • Hello @Tequilla Butler I don't follow all you are trying to do but logically: 1) You need a trigger 2) You need to find the item in the Sharepoint list 3) You need to get a list of the attachments 4) FOR EACH attachment you need to 5) Get a file name, ...

  • Thanks @Sam Duval I'll try that as soon as I can get time scheduled with the user.​ ------------------------------ Beth Beck O365 Business Analyst Fort Myers FL ------------------------------

  • I have created a flow that adds attachments from onedrive to a sharepoint list.  When it adds more than one, it populates that name of the file correctly but the content of the file is the same file.  What am I missing or is there a better way to attach ...

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