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UI elements getting lost

  • 1.  UI elements getting lost

    Posted Mar 22, 2021 03:47 PM
    Hi everyone, first post here.

    I've been working with power automate using an app that is essentially a database running on a web page inside a dedicated rendering application. The links are javascript instead of hyperlinks and the base language of the application is C#.

    I'm having a big problem using named UI elements. I can use the desktop recorder and it will record properly and the flow will work, once. But after that it invariably starts to have a problem where it shows the error "Click failed (failed to get UI element)"; this is always true if I try to run the flow again when the previous run left a new tab on the page. I can fix this by creating essentially a duplicate of the UI element. The duplicate of the UI element will now work, but the next one will fail. If I fix them all, the flow will again work properly, once, and then it will fail in the same way and so on and so forth.

    The only way I have been able to get around this is to hard-code the mouse pointer to specific spots on the screen. This works every time, but this is obviously sub-optimal

    I have tried using move mouse to image or to text on screen with some success, but I haven't been able to get it to work reliably enough to deploy to users.

    Has anyone else experienced problems with this breakage of UI element reference?


    Demian Alcazar

  • 2.  RE: UI elements getting lost

    Posted Mar 24, 2021 03:00 AM
    I've had similar issues caused by a) resized windows, b) dual monitor setups.  I have found using the Web Recorder far cleaner and more forgiving for websites than the desktop recorder (I'm guessing it can hook into the source HTML to render/hunt down the UI components).

    The other thing I've found is that using trying to automate applications based in terminal services/RDS do not go well, and keyboard shortcuts are your friend!

    Hope this helps.

    Donald Nixon
    Microsoft 365 Optimization Team Leader