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  • 1.  New Flow and Power Apps Report

    Top Contributor
    Posted May 05, 2021 11:29 AM

    I'm trying to use the MS Power Automate Template that produces the below email, but am getting nothing back. Anyone know what permissions need to be set in order for this to work? I assume it must have something to do with my read ability to see environments . I have access to the default environment, but if I go to the admin center, and click on environments, it says there are no environments available. So I assume I'm "locked" out, but I'm curious what permissions I need to ask for.

    Subject: New Flow and Power Apps Report
    Importance: Low


    New Microsoft Power Automates in tenant

    new apps in tenant

    New connectors in tenant


  • 2.  RE: New Flow and Power Apps Report

    Posted May 25, 2021 11:12 AM
    hey @Sam Duval would you mind sharing your flow? It could be a combination of either your permissions or the template needing some modification before working properly. ​

    Austin Smith
    DC International
    Carrollton TX

  • 3.  RE: New Flow and Power Apps Report

    Top Contributor
    Posted May 26, 2021 08:11 PM


        "inputs": {

            "host": {

                "connection": {

                    "name": "@parameters('$connections')['shared_powerplatformforadmins']['connectionId']"



            "method": "get",

            "path": "/environments",

            "queries": {

                "api-version": "2016-11-01"


            "authentication": "@parameters('$authentication')"


        "metadata": {

            "flowSystemMetadata": {

                "swaggerOperationId": "Get-AdminEnvironment"






    The problem is the above step doesn't return any environments, so inherently the rest of the flow doesn't work because there is no "value" from environments step to iterate against.

    Sam Duval
    Data Quality Analyst
    Element Financial
    Indianapolis IN