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  • 1.  Get Microsoft Planner Data and save to ADLS Gen2 Container

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Sep 29, 2021 03:46 PM
    I have been looking to create a scheduled flow, which get data from Microsoft Planner (I want to retrieve all data (including, buckets title, tasks, person assigned the task to, data created, due data etc) (4 times a day) and save the output to ADLS Gen2 container.

    I do not find any template available which does this, I have seen one but then it

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  • 2.  RE: Get Microsoft Planner Data and save to ADLS Gen2 Container

    Top Contributor
    Posted Oct 21, 2021 07:57 AM
    I don't think there is a template for that, you'll have search available actions for planner and step through all things you want. There is not one "action" that can get you all that information.

    You'll need a list tasks,  get task details, list buckets, and maybe a get task. To get the bucket name, you'll have to use a filter array inside a for each loop. Filtering the list buckets step for the bucket id listed in either the get task details or list tasks, and extracting the matching name from the filter array. It's a relatively simple idea that has a lot of hoops to jump through to accomplish the task.

    Sam Duval
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