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  • 1.  Question about Licensing for Premium Connectors / Multiplexing

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Apr 15, 2021 10:26 AM
    I found a licencing guide for Power Automate and they mention "Multiplexing", so that all users of PowerAutomate need the proper Licence.

    But  i dont really know what that means in reality. Example:
    We have 2 Developers with the "bigger" user licence which allows to build flows with premium connectors. And the other "normal" users only have the standard Licence within the O365 E-Plan. When a developer creates a flow that uses e.g. the cds-premium connector to check the workflow approvals database. And a "normal" user answers an approval task which triggers the cds workflow. Is that allowed or is that "Multiplexing" and would mean, that every "normal" user who is potentially using the approvals is required to have the bigger Licence with premium connectors?

    Does anyone have experience is these licencing topics?
    Thanks for your help.

    Fabian Heil
    IT Consultant SharePoint Applications

  • 2.  RE: Question about Licensing for Premium Connectors / Multiplexing

    Top Contributor
    Posted Apr 15, 2021 10:43 PM

    Nobody knows. I have tried to get answers on this and not been told anything definitive, just vague responses that don't address the question directly.

    I'm fairly certain Microsoft would love it if everyone just bought Power Automate per-user plans so they make the multiplexing requirements pretty onerous.

    My understanding though (which is probably wrong) is that if you hold a stand-alone (premium) license and create a flow with an approval in it, then anyone who receives that approval (interacts with the flow) will need to also have a per-user license, or the flow itself can have a per-flow license. I don't know whether there's any distinction between a flow built by a premium user that actually uses premium connectors or does not.

    Safest bet to stay on the right side of MS licensing is create your approval flows under an account with standard M365 licensing and use your premium account to track/audit approvals.

    I still don't know how far they go with multiplexing when it comes to things like retrieving a table from a premium data source and emailing it from the flow as an HTML table. Does every recipient of the email need a per-user plan or a per-flow plan for the flow? Who knows? If it's possible to do so, use Logic Apps to avoid this doubt.

    Will Page
    Technical consultant
    Christchurch, NZ