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  • 1.  Audit of Deleted Flows

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Sep 29, 2021 06:02 AM


    Is there a way of seeing when a flow has been deleted from an Environment?

    This is a double edge question really.

     We have a flow that sends notification of when someone as created a New Flow.  

    I then go into the environments via the Power Platform Admin Centre > Environments > 'Environment' > Flows

    I would expect to see those same flows listed and if necessary go in and Share the Flow so I can investigate it more.
    I cannot see these Flows??

    Is there anywhere else I should be looking and is there anyway I can see if these have been deleted?

    Also should a Flow be created in the same environment as the Power App it is being associated with?

    Can a Flow from the Default environment be associated with a Power App in Live?

    I've always kept and been advised to keep the Flow and PowerApp in the same environments

    Chris Clark
    Application Support Developer / Analyst