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How to select correct program in Desktop Flow

  • 1.  How to select correct program in Desktop Flow

    Top Contributor
    Posted Feb 15, 2022 10:12 AM
    I have a flow that I had been using successfully for about 6 months and it suddenly broke. I thought I fixed it, but this time it only worked for about 3 weeks.

    I think the real problem is trying to get the correct window to run commands on. I'm using it to split PDFs into individual pages.

    I have a step to select a file to open in Acrobat. I originally just used the recorder to click thru a few menu items to get what I needed. I think the issue is that Acrobat uses the name of the document in the title of the window.

    Even though I have a variable defined for that Acrobat process, that is not available for some reason when you try to use the "Click UI element" or "Select Menu Option", you have to pick from a list that Flow generates and none of those will work.

    How do I get to be able to select a menu item by using the Process ID? Or how can I edit the name of the Acrobat Program to put wildcards in the name it is looking for?

    Brian Scott
    Chief Creative Officer
    Concord NC