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  • Thanks for responding Jerry! Was hoping there would be an "easy" button. If you'd like to share your blog post on this thread, I'd be interested in reading it. Thanks again! ------------------------------ Beth Beck O365 Business Analyst Fort Myers FL ...

  • Hi Beth, I am pretty sure that your experience is as expected. You can't use a flow action to change the owner of a flow. It implies that it works but it doesn't. You could do it via Assign in the old UI advanced find view. I will have a blog post ...

  • Is this an entity / table and what is the schema name? ------------------------------ Bill Langhardt ------------------------------

  • @Bill Langhardt that's a very good question. I have not found a way to do this myself. The records of all sharing is stored in the Principal Object Access (POA) table, and you can find who has access to a record by looking at this table. You can do this ...

  • Hi there, If/when employees leave the company, I'd like to change their Power Automate ownership to a new owner. We are creating a service account to use as Owner for these, but haven't done so yet. We've installed the Power Platform CoE and I'm able ...

  • Hi Everyone, My IT team set me up a windows 10 virtual Machine. This machine is logged into using it's own service account credentials. I have several RPA processes under this service account using Power Automate Desktop. Most of my RPA Flows involve ...

  • Is there a possibility to revoke access again from all users who have access? Or how can I use Power Automate to find out which users have access? ------------------------------ Bill Langhardt ------------------------------

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  • As you might aware that in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE, you can maintain a product catalog having inventory products with multiple customizable price and discount lists to meet your business needs. This allows your sales representatives to create quotes, ...

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