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  • If you are experienced with the Microsoft Power Platform and love sharing with the community, then now is your chance to step up and speak during Summit North America!   The community is coming back together,  in person , for an extraordinary ...

  • Hi Rachel, Thanks for your reply. What you say is the probably the most obvious and the easier solution, which I will go back to the powers that be with😊 ------------------------------ Chris Clark Test Analyst ------------------------------

  • Assuming your Teams members have notifications turned on for that channel, Teams will automatically notify them when a new post is made. It's the entire reason why posting to Teams is great. You don't HAVE to build other notifications. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi, I have a MS Form with 4 options.  Depending on the option selected, a specific flow will either send an email or add a note to a Teams Channel. What I've been asked is to have a notification sent out when the option for the Teams Chanel is selected,  ...

  • I'll definitely give this a shot. Now to go to the Power Apps forums :) Thanks! ------------------------------ Richard McCarty Data Analyst Niles ------------------------------

  • **Disregard.  I found the issue**** My Transform data using Power Query was working fine, then I went in and added a few more changes to the query.  When I click on edit query I can see the data and the step runs successfully, but instead of populating ...

  • Canvas app certainly - the license is included in most 365 plans (business and enterprise) and you can embed these in SharePoint pages. Not sure about templates, you could browse through the list of templates in https://make.powerapps.com. You might ...

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  • As you might aware that in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE, you can maintain a product catalog having inventory products with multiple customizable price and discount lists to meet your business needs. This allows your sales representatives to create quotes, ...

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