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  • I figured this out (pretty basic stuff but just getting started with Power Automate!) I was able to reference it in an expression using : triggerOutputs()?['body/_regardingobjectid_type'] If there is a better way to do this, I'd be interested to ...

  • I've created a Flow that triggers when a task record is updated in Dynamics 365 If I check the output after this  step I can see the entry "_regardingobjectid_type": "accounts",          I set a condition step to check if the Task is regarding ...

  • Thanks @David Gerard . My company is looking at getting ADF setup. As for the compression, I fully understand that and wasn't surprised by the 3 minutes to read the excel. It was then the 20 minutes to only do 3000 rows to SQL that was surprisingly slow, ...

  • @Sam Duval , just to add up on what others have said, Excel workbooks store data in a compressed format. When pulling data from an Excel workbook​, the workbook is first uncompressed and that is certainly what takes the most time, and usually a lot of ...

  • Thanks @Lutz Bendlin . That's what i figured. We are getting azure data factory at some point, we were just stuck using the tools available while the IT department who does the majority of ETL reviewed the options for what they wanted to purchase for ...

  • Until Power Automate supports bulk operations you are better off using proper ETL tools for this scenario. ------------------------------ Lutz ------------------------------

  • Thanks @Will Page that's a good idea to use the string variable to construct the insert into query. I ended up reading the excel rows and creating a CSV table, then bulk insert the CSV into SQL (1 Column by 1 Row)​ and parsed the results via string ...

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  • https://www.kaispe.com/generate-lead-record-in-microsoft-dynamics-crm-through-web-contact-form-using-ms-power-automate

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