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  • If you are experienced with the Microsoft Power Platform and love sharing with the community, then now is your chance to step up and speak during Summit North America!   The community is coming back together,  in person , for an extraordinary ...

  • Hi All, I've managed somehow to create the flow When 1st level approved, goes to 2nd approver. If approved by 2nd level, goes and 3rd level approval. In between anyone rejects, flow stops. But I'm looking for 1 last conditional option: i.e. when approved ...

  • What might make your life easier, is to do your first query and delay, then your second query I think you'll have to write the raw SQL, as I don't think you can pass parameters to power query. By writing the SQL directly you can do something like select ...

  • @Donal McCarthy is right, splitting these into separate flows ​will make the management of it easier. slightly more work to get it configured initially, but easier to debug or run out of sequence later. ------------------------------ Sam Duval Data ...

  • I find it simpler to split something like this into separate flows - one per approval stage, with a trigger column per flow after the first flow. If approved, the trigger column is set and the next stage starts. That way it is easier to restart a rejected ...

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  • Prem, One approach we have used for multi-level approvals is a Do until that runs different approvals based on a switch (case) statement until either we get the final approval, or we get a rejected.  Which approval runs next is controlled by a ...

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  • I'll see if I can rough something up later. There are approval templates out there that should get you started. ------------------------------ Sam Duval Data Quality Analyst Element Financial Indianapolis IN ------------------------------

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